Contact Us

Contact Us

Emergency Services

Eric Kingsley
Emergency Services Coordinator

Sarah-Jeene Raymond
Supervisor – Children’s help

Doru Toca
Supervisor - Disaster Relief


Ann St Arnaud

Nicolas Carpentier
Coordinator - Communications & Marketing

General Information

Sports & Recreation

Jesse Blizzard
Coordinator of Football

Rodney Skerritt
Coordinator of Basketball

Kara De La Perralle
Director per interim of Sports and Recreation

Jesse Blizzard
Coordinator of Day Camp

Summer Camp

Johanne Saltarelli
Assistant to the Executive Director and
Camp Director

Crime Prevention

Helio Galego
Assistant Executive Vice-President and Director of Crime Prevention

Jonathan Caisse
Coordinator of Crime Prevention and Victim Services

Alex Vidal
Supervisor of Crime Prevention and Victim Services

Volunteer Work

Lisa Perrault
Coordinator of volunteers

Management & Administration

Earl De La Perralle
Executive Director

Sid Stevens
Executive Vice-President

Daniel Rousseau
Vice-President, Finance

Soula Provias 
Executive Secretary

Ernest Rosa
Director of Property management


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