Our Approach

Sun Youth Organization promotes values of solidarity, sharing and social inclusion while encouraging healthy lifestyles. Aware of the challenges linked to poverty and crisis situations, Sun Youth responds to families and people in need, taking into account as best as possible their individual situation.

Sun Youth has been taking care of people for more than 60 years. Mainly serving the communities living in the Greater Montreal area, Sun Youth provides, if criteria for low income are met or during disasters, emergency food assistance as well as clothing, medical, financial and material assistance.

The organization collaborates with municipal police forces and other partners to increase neighborough’s security through crime prevention activities in schools, in the streets or in the community at large.

Sun Youth contributes to the physical, social and intellectual development of young people through a sports program preparing the young athletes to a competitive level while providing them help and guidance with their school curriculum. The organization also offers a recreation program, a day camp and a summer camp in the Laurentians, which are intended for children, single mothers and seniors.

Sun Youth's basic objectives are to alleviate poverty and prevent exclusion.

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