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25 April 2017 |

For the sixth year in a row, Westmount's Mountainside United Church organized a concert to raise funds for Sun Youth's children's programs. The show entitled "En Harmonie 4 Kids" was held on Saturday, April 22nd and brought together talented performers, adults and children, united to help kids in need.

19 April 2017 |

Since its foundation, Sun Youth has been able to count on the support of the neighbourhood’s retailers to help Sun Youth’s clients in need. In 1954, a local shoemaker (Weiner Shoe Shop) agreed to lend them the back store of his St. Cuthbert store for free so they could work on the production of their weekly newspaper, The Clark Street Sun.

11 April 2017 |

The Sûreté du Québec (SQ) is relaunching its investigation into the disappearance of Tommy Clément-Pépin, missing for 11 years. Therefore, a $5,000 reward is offered through Sun Youth Organization to anyone with information on his whereabouts.

7 April 2017 |

Sun Youth had the pleasure of adding another Hornets alumni on our Wall of Fame, CDR Eric Pihl. He played football for us in the mid 80’s and he later attained a NCAA Division 1 scholarship from the United States Naval Academy as a Quarterback. After college CDR Pihl joined the U.S. Navy as a pilot and has had a wonderful 26 year long career. Today he continues to serve as a reserve in the Navy and is a practicing lawyer in California.

3 April 2017 |

Every year on the third weekend of March, the Montreal Basketball League holds its own “Final Four” style playoff finals, like Montreal’s version of the NCAA tournament. The weekend is reserved only for the league’s four best teams from each age group. The playoffs are always a fast-paced thriller and this year was no different.

29 March 2017 |

Scams are not new. Since the 1970s, Sun Youth has been educating the community on security issues through its crime prevention program. Moreover,in this month of fraud prevention, Sun Youth would like to offer some tips to help you detect the threats that are waiting for you and thus counter fraud.

28 March 2017 |

Sun Youth has been taking care of Montrealers for 60 years, by contributing to the well-being of the community while taking concrete action on the environment. To achieve this, the organization collects consumer goods and redistributes them to those in need.

22 March 2017 |

Last year The City of Montreal announced that it would be putting in place a Child Policy (La politique de l'enfant) allocating $25 million over 5 years to help children facing difficult situations. The “Plan d’action 2017for which $5 million will be made available was unveiled last February.

14 March 2017 |

Since its foundation Sun Youth has been committed to the promotion of healthy lifestyles and school retention in order to encourage the physical, social and intellectual development of young people. Over Spring break, Sun Youth once again held its basketball camp and it was huge success!

27 February 2017 |

On February 17th, Sun Youth organized its annual soccer cup at LaurenHill Junior Academy in Ville St-Laurent. The event played host to the 5 elementary schools from the English Montreal School Board (EMSB) who participated.

Six Straight Years of "En Harmonie 4 Kids"

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