CLV Group Helps Building the Community!

CLV Group Helps the Community!

28 June 2017

Since its foundation, Sun Youth has been committed to the promotion of healthy lifestyles and school retention.

To promote the physical, social and intellectual development of young people, Sun Youth offers children aged 5 to 12 years old a day camp that is both fun and educational. Kids aged 6 to 17 years old can benefit from an alternative way to channel their energy positively through sport while supporting their education. Over 600 children and young people annually benefit from Sun Youth's sports and recreation programs and day camp.

On May 24th 2017, Sun Youth had the pleasure of welcoming Mathieu Walsh Moreau, Valeriya Aydakova, Laurie Vaillancourt, and André Luna-Beaudoin on behalf of the CLV Group to offer Sun Youth a generous donation of $15,000 for its sports and recreation programs and day camp. This was the first time CLV Group has made a donation to the organization. Mike McGahan, President of CLV Group Inc, says “We, at the CLV Group have for many years, seen the great work and the positive impact that Sun Youth has made on many of Montreal's youth. This iconic organization has contributed so much to the community. We are thankful we can help such a well deserving organization in a small way". Thanks to CLV Group, this generous contribution will also go towards Sun Youth’s summer campaign, which promotes a variety of its programs, including the bike patrol that ensures safety in parks for youngsters and seniors alike. Sun Youth’s emergency services are essential for many people, since they allow the organization to provide more than 2,000 families with the food they need every month.

Sun Youth is very proud to be associated with the CLV Group and looks forward to help children from less fortunate backgrounds who otherwise would not have this opportunity.

1H1A0700.jpgSun Youth’s Sid Stevens and Kara De La Perralle had the pleasure of welcoming(from left to right) Laurie Vaillancourt, Mathieu Walsh Moreau, André Luna-Beaudoin, and (last one to the right) Valeriya Aydakova,  who, on behalf of the CLV Group,  offered Sun Youth a generous donation of $15,000 for its sports and recreation programs and day camp.