For a Safer Summer!

For a Safer Summer!

29 May 2018

For 64 years Sun Youth has improved the safety of its fellow citizens in many ways but we need your help to continue our mission. Your contribution to our organization will allow us to offer a safe summer to thousands of people.

By supporting our Day Camp and our various sports teams, you contribute to the peace of mind of hundreds of parents while we take care of their children's safety. It starts with the reassuring presence of our qualified camp counsellors and coaches. We also ensure the food security of our campers by providing them with breakfast, lunch and a healthy afternoon snack. In addition, the well-being of our young athletes is one of our top priorities. Consequently we provide all children with the necessary equipment for the safe practice of their favorite sport.

Your participation will also make a huge difference in the safety of our streets, bicycle paths and parks thanks to the deployment of our Bike Patrol. Every summer, our patrollers sadly witness wrongdoings but they actively contribute to ending them. Also, our patrollers contribute to the well being of hundreds of people by holding awareness activities about road safety.

Finally you will also contribute to the food security of thousands of people in need. For many families summer is a difficult period where the food support that school and daycare services usually offer is cruelly absent. By supporting our Food Bank you will allow us to provide essential food supplies to 6 000 families knocking on our doors this summer. 

Give today so we can make a difference all year! Don’t hesitate to use the “hashtag” #givetoday on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and give an incentive for other people to do the same.