Sport as a Tool for Social Inclusion.

Sport as a Tool for Social Inclusion.

27 February 2017

On February 17th, Sun Youth organized its annual soccer cup at LaurenHill Junior Academy in Ville St-Laurent. The event played host to the 5 elementary schools from the English Montreal School Board (EMSB) who participated.

Growing in recent years, the Sun Youth Soccer Cup is an event for 3rd grade boys and girls. This day long free sport tournament serves to bring together the diverse socio-economic communities that are part of the EMSB in a fun and competitive environment. Because of the sport's popularity across cultures, young students from different backgrounds have the opportunity to socialize and thus reduce the social gap between them. When the soccer Cup began in 2008, there were only two schools participating. Now, a dozen elementary schools take part and represent their respective communities. Sun Youth would like to congratulate all participants and this year's champions, Our Lady of Pompei School.

Since 2001, the Bullying Prevention and Conflict Resolution Program has made a difference in public schools across the Greater Montreal area. The program provides them with an additional resource in combating bullying; social mentors who work with school staff on prevention, intervention and response to intimidation. This helps to foster positive relationships as well as develop extracurricular programs and appropriate preventive measures for students. Intervention of this sort helps kids develop team spirit, leadership, peer mediation, conflict resolution, socialization; challenges which young people face in their daily environment. 

The Sun Youth Soccer Cup promotes the development of positive social behavior while promoting physical activity and social inclusion. For the next few years, the organization hopes to bring together several primary schools from different school boards at this growing event.