Sun Youth Catches March Madness!

3 April 2017

Every year on the third weekend of March, the Montreal Basketball League holds its own “Final Four” style playoff finals, like Montreal’s version of the NCAA tournament. The weekend is reserved only for the league’s four best teams from each age group. The playoffs are always a fast-paced thriller and this year was no different.

For the Sun Youth Hornets basketball program all signs show that the program is healthy and doing well, occupying 4 out of 5 semi-final spots in the MBL AAA divisions, Quebec’s most competitive youth league. With three losses coming in the semi-finals; bantam boys 71-45 to PX-Knights, midget boys 110-97 to Pagé and finally the juvenile boys 75-68 to PX-Knights, only the novice boys made the finals.

For the Novices this was their third consecutive championship appearance, winning the last two. Unfortunately the Hornets didn’t get the ending they were hoping for losing to the PX-Knights by a narrow margin. The future of Sun Youth’s basketball program looks extremely bright as all the boy’s teams made the playoffs; they showcased an enormous amount of talent and competitiveness that will surely make them a force to be reckoned with this summer and next year in MBL season. The weekend concluded a wonderful winter season for the Sun Youth Hornets basketball program. The Hornets now begin to prepare for their summer season where kids will be given the chance to showcase their talents to NCAA Division I coaches in tournaments all across the United States.