Sid Stevens and Earl De La Perralle Receive the Sheila and Victor Goldbloom Award

Sun Youth Co-founders Rewarded!

31 October 2017

On October 26th, representatives and  supporters of Quebec’s English-speaking community were gathered at Montreal's prestigious Saint James Club to recognize the outstanding work of individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the anglophone community.

For the 9th edition of the Sheila and Victor Goldbloom Award ceremony, created in 2009 by the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN), the honours went to businessman and former politician Clifford Lincoln, to health and social services advocate James Carter and to Sun Youth cofounders  Sid Stevens and Earl De La Perralle. The Young Quebecers Leading the Way Award went to Claudia Do Iorio for her efforts in promoting safe driving.

The evening hosted by CTV Montreal journalist and lead anchor Mutsumi Takahashi highlighted the 5 nominees exceptional contribution to Quebec's anglophone community. “In their individual ways, and in far different fields of endeavour, our Community Award winners have proven to be extraordinary leaders who have made exceptional contributions to our Community of Communities,” QCGN President James Shea said. “All have been visionaries, dedicated to their communities and their causes. They not only inspire social change—they embody it through their actions and their commitment.”

In an interview with Susan Schwartz of the Montreal Gazette, Sid Stevens said: “You just have to want to make a difference. And if you are determined enough to succeed, you will. You lose in life only what you stop fighting for.” Sun Youth co-founder Earl De La Perralle added: “You have to have the gumption to stay with it, knowing that, at times, you’re not sure you’re going to succeed. We realized we were doing something really important for the community and that if we left it, nobody would take our place.”

The evening was full of emotions for Sun Youth representatives in attendance, including both nominees. It was also a wonderful evening for all those present at this event marked by cultural diversity. In fact, all speakers spoke in French and English, showing the openness of the English-speaking community and its desire to build bridges of understanding between Quebecers of different backgrounds.

Gazette Sid Earl Vincenzo Dalto_COMP.jpgSid Stevens and Earl De La Perralle have been taking care of Montrealers for more than 60 years. Photo Credit: Vincenzo D'Alto