Concerned with the resolution of some police investigations, donors may anonymously give money through Sun Youth to reward individuals providing the police with information helping to locate a missing person or leading to the arrest and conviction of individuals who committed a crime. The Rewards Program applies only to crimes against the person, hit and runs and the search for missing person, not to crime against private property or violence caused by street gangs.

Sun Youth act as an intermediary between the anonymous donor and the police force handling the investigation. Upon the investigators’ decision to pay a reward and the amount to be paid, Sun Youth will make the reward available to investigators for payment. Rewards are available only for a fixed period beyond which, depending on the donor’s instructions, the reward is reconducted, the money is returned to the donor or used for other crime prevention activities, such as assistance to crime victims.

This Rewards Program began in 1991 through a partnership between the police department of the city of Montreal (SPVM) and Sun Youth that remains active today. Four other major police forces joined the program since. The program applies only to the investigation of crimes.

A useful tool

Since 1991, the awards program has helped solve 25 criminal investigations and cases of missing persons corresponding to 27% of all investigations for which a reward was offered. As of September 30, 2014, the rewards granted amounted to $95,000.

Active reward cases

  Jian Ping Li

  Ernest Rochon




  Philippe Lajoie

  Arson at 514 Mufler


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