Since 1991, donors may anonymously provide a sum of money through Sun Youth to reward individuals providing the police with information leading to the arrest and conviction of perpetrators of acts of hatred, crimes against the person, hit and runs or to locate a missing person. All rewards must be approved in advance by the police force in charge of the investigation. Rewards do not apply to crimes related to private property or violence caused by street gangs.

The rewards each have an expiry date, after which they may be renewed by the police. The funds may also be returned to the donor upon request or used to finance other crime prevention activities. The rewards are paid following the arrest and conviction of the suspect or if the missing person is found, on the basis of information received by the police force responsible for the file. The final decision on the payment of the reward (or not), amount, payment terms and the recipient(s) of the award is made solely by the police at the end of the investigation, after checking the validity of the information received.

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