Hornets Basketball

Hornets Basketball


The motivation that led to the creation of Sun Youth in 1954 was to allow disadvantaged youths residing in the St. Louis district in Montreal, to play sports. Today, almost all the young people who attend the organization play within one of our sports teams, summer camp or day camp.

Our Sports and Recreation Program offers football and basketball at the amateur level. All our teams operate under the name of the Sun Youth Hornets. The uniforms are identified by a logo of a hornet, symbolizing the bite to team spirit and love of the sport. The equipment is supplied, with the exception of shoes. Membership fees vary according to the activities and family income.

In addition to the games of the regular season, youth participate in training camps and tournaments at local and national levels and sometimes international. Our athletes aged 13 to 18 years old may also use the supervised weight room.

All activities take place after school hours and during weekends, as academic success is more important than simply having fun. 

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Rodney Skerritt
Coordinator of Basketball

Study Hall

Every weekday after school, the student-athletes are invited to do their homework in the study room under the volunteer supervision and guidance from student teachers and retired teachers. Access to computers connected to the Internet is provided.

The 2016-2017 Season

Unfortunately our Hornet’s basketball teams' playoff runs have come to an end. Four of our boy’s teams reached the semi-finals and our novice boys made the finals losing an extremely tight game. While it’s not the ending we were all hoping for, it is a sign that the program is in good health. Today Sun Youth would like to officially congratulate all of our basketball players on their amazing seasons. Watching you guys and girls grow and compete in Quebec’s highest caliber youth league has been a pleasure. To the volunteer coaches and our beloved basketball coordinator Rodney Skerritt, you guys have been the engine powering this program, without you basketball at Sun Youth would be impossible. Now we officially enter the offseason, for the remaining players we hope that you guys will mirror the commitment to basketball in the offseason as you did in the regular season by working to perfect your craft and stay in shape. For our graduating players we wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors, regardless if that involves basketball. Sun Youth is proud of all of its players and our hope is that we have given you some tools that may be useful to you in your journey through life. Remember that you guys are ambassadors to Sun Youth and that you have been part of something special that not everyone can experience. Good luck to you boys & girls, make us proud!

The 2016-2017 Hornets Basketball Rosters

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Reward : Mélissa Blais

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