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Home service for people with reduced mobility

The home delivery service is intended for low income people who, for reasons of health and social isolation, cannot access Sun Youth’s usual on-site services. Most of these people are elderly but amongst them, there may as well be people with decreasing autonomy and people with reduced mobility. To qualify for home service, the person must be unable to move about and travel around as demonstrated by a medical certificate of this particular condition. Also, the person’s social network is unavailable or nonexistent and cannot be relied upon to pick up whatever the person needs.

Houle Toyota is a key partner in this program as it provides the vehicle used for home visits.

Food deliveries

Regular food deliveries are done once a month for people whose financial situation has been evaluated beforehand. Emergency food delivery is offered for people with permanent or temporary incapacities (bills, convalescence, etc.) who are waiting for a place on the regular list.

Breaking Isolation Program

With its « Breaking Isolation » program, Sun Youth visits socially isolated individuals at their residence, in order to assess their level of isolation. These visits allow our staff to gain a better understanding of each client’s situation and needs, and to formulate concrete personalized plans to assist the individuals most affected by social exclusion.

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