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Hornets Football

This program is open to kids aged from 7 to 17 years old and allows them to learn the basics of football and also compete at the highest level across Quebec.

Study Hall

Every weekday after school, the student-athletes are invited to do their homework in the study room under the volunteer supervision and guidance from student teachers and retired teachers. Access to computers connected to the Internet is provided.


“The first pamphlet I read about Sun Youth Football emphasized the value of gaining an education through sport, moving on to university and gaining the skills to create success throughout a lifetime. There’s no way I could have expected how much I would ultimately learn from being a Sun Youth Hornet, and the values of openness, inclusion, discipline, teamwork and hard work have had a transformative effect on every other dimension of my life, making me the best possible person I can be today.

Because of its roots as a community organization, Sun Youth shows its players a world beyond the gridiron, further teaching them to value their education and have respect for all members of their community. The academic support and personal concern they offer each every player shows that they believe every kid has a right to play the sports they love, learning the lessons that will give them a more fulfilling life along the way. There’s no other experience I could think of to replace what I, my friends and teammates learned from playing football at Sun Youth, and I can’t think of a kid who wouldn’t benefit from how it can help them grow.”

Robert Ravensbergen, Academic All Canadian 2009,  RSEQ All-Star 2012. BA McGill University.


The motivation that led to the creation of Sun Youth in 1954 was to allow disadvantaged youths residing in the St. Louis district in Montreal, to play sports. Today, almost all the young people who attend the organization play sports, either within one of our sports teams, summer camp or day camp.

Our Sports and Recreation Program offers Football and Basketball at the amateur level. All our teams operate under the name of the Sun Youth Hornets. The uniforms are identified by a logo of a hornet, symbolizing the bite to team spirit and love of the sport. The equipment is supplied, with the exception of shoes. Membership fees vary according to the activities and family income.

In addition to the games of the regular season, youth participate in training camps and tournaments at local and national levels and sometimes international. Our athletes aged 13 to 18 years old may also use the supervised weight room.

All activities take place after school hours and during weekends, as academic success is more important than simply having fun.

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Jesse Blizzard
Coordinator of Football


2018 Season

The football season has started! Find out the game schedules.

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