We know how important volunteers are to our society. Many services to the community were initially developed by concerned citizens who gave of their time. Today, a society without volunteers to provide help in many areas of human and social activity, can hardly be imagined.

Being a non-profit organization, volunteers are at the core of Sun Youth activities. Sun Youth offers volunteer opportunities for every taste and age. Volunteers prepare and distribute food baskets to people in need, sort donations received from the public, recycle, train a sports teams, perform administrative tasks and more. They are over 1,500 to lend a hand to Sun Youth’s staff during the year.

Volunteers may work at Sun Youth main building or at its warehouse. The warehouse is an ideal location for businesses and corporations wishing to organize team-building activities for their staff by sorting out food donations and preparing food hampers or by working on some other significant project.

Some volunteer positions at Sun Youth require criminal record check. For further information or to apply as a volunteer, contact us by using the online form below.

Volunteer Testimonials

I started volunteering because I was home one day with Netflix on scrolling through Instagram and I thought to myself this is a massive waste of time and I should find something better to occupy my free time, something more meaningful. I also don’t work Fridays, so with a whole extra day in the week, I decided to volunteer. I could’ve picked a new hobby, but I wanted to do something useful, something that would help others. I did some research on Google that night and found Sun Youth because of the proximity to my place. And I also recalled my boyfriend mentioning them… he used to play against their basketball team as a kid (and lost for sure lol).

There are a lot of things I get out of volunteering. Firstly, it’s fun, everyone there is super nice and friendly. The environment and atmosphere are great.
Secondly, when volunteering, I get a break from the regular daily life and tasks and responsibilities, I can forget about myself and I can focus on other people.
Thirdly, it’s very gratifying to spend my free time doing something that is helping the community and that is giving back in some way. I hope to be more involved in community projects in the future for sure.


Melissa Elbaz

I have always wanted to do Volunteer work for Sun Youth ever since I have been a teenager followed the news of how Sid Stevens and his team have helped folks out throughout the years. I started volunteering at age 14 in different walks of life. For me, Sun Youth was one of my bucket lists, a must-do. The heartbeat of SUN YOUTH is all the people who work behind the scenes, who have integrity and work all on the same page for the good of helping out. Doing volunteer work for me is very humbling and makes me appreciate all that I have cause we often forget. I have a few touching stories which I encountered while doing volunteer work. I had a woman who came with her social worker and she was in great need. She was with her son. When we were done, she thanked me and asked me can I give her a hug I said yeah for sure I had to hold my tears back.

I can go on but this is what volunteer work for me is.

Diane Arseneault

My interest in Sun Youth first comes from your reputation in the community.

In 2018, I was diagnosed with an incurable disease which forced me to stop my professional activities. In 2020, I became concerned about food waste. So I took the initiative to find out how the big food chains disposed of unsold food, waste, etc. To my surprise, I learned that most of it were thrown away and that even the employees were not allowed to bring back the food for their families.

This deeply disturbed me and upon inquiring, I learned that some people were donating to Sun Youth. This gave me hope to be part of an association where I could see a real impact on the help that is given to the neediest, and this reflects my values.

I like to know that some people work hard to live in a less capitalist society where equity and justice is a right for all.

So in the summer of 2020, I joined Sun Youth’s fabulous team, and every day, I can see sincere and motivated people sharing a little happiness in a simple, friendly and warm atmosphere. To date, this has been my greatest volunteer experience.

Kim Genois

I first knew about Sun Youth through my employment at the TD Bank, where I worked for almost 40 years prior to retirement. I also lived on the Plateau in Montreal on Esplanade Street for 17 years, and Sun Youth was located just around the corner on St. Urbain and Rachel Streets for many years prior to its move to Park Avenue.

During the time when I was working, we would often volunteer at Sun Youth to help collect and package food for the Christmas Basket Program. When I retired, I decided that I wanted to do some volunteer work and Sun Youth came to mind. I started volunteering at Sun Youth 6 years ago on St Urbain Street, and continue to volunteer at Park Avenue. Due to the pandemic, I am volunteering from home. The experience of being a volunteer has been very fulfilling for me. I get so much out of it, and I will continue to volunteer for as long as possible.

Brenda Bailey